Introduction……but not really!

HeLLo Internet people !

Sooooo…. I’ve got a confession to make: I really hate having to make a formal introduction of myself.

awkward self portrait

yeah, that’s weird, I mean, shouldn’t it be a piece of cake to just talk about yourself? but that’s just it: its too easy. too, too easy.

ask me to talk about anything else: i can (probably) (maybe) give a pretty convincing declamation in no time….but I am a topic I’d rather not breach.

that said, it’d be real wierd if i did’nt introduce myself right about now, so here goes my best shot :

heeeey! so …umm…. yeah. hi!

I’m ceres (just a name that’s stuck with me courtesy of my friend) and i’m your average teenager. yup. that’s about it.

i live a pretty wonderful life. theres not much going on in ma hella ordinary world, but thats the way i like it.

soo….now that were done with the part i dislike….lets talk about …….

other stuff. yeah.

so it rained last week! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I know it may not seem like a big deal for most, but living where I do, its pretty much the best thing ever! its like, the harbinger of winter. and boy, is it freezing already!

Ive always felt that winter has that…..smell, ya know? like, it makes me think of misty mornings waiting for the school bus, and warm, spicy food, and math, and the holidays……aaah winter!

and so we end this icebreaker post…not that i think it helped much but hey, on the bright side, judging by how There’s a high chance Ill be relying on this blog to finally be able to brag about stuff without coming off as….. well.. a bragger, There’ll be more that enough time for me to make a better into. fingers crossed.

i guess thas it for today!

– bubyeeeee!!!


14 thoughts on “Introduction……but not really!

  1. Oh. My. Gawdd. This is so awesomeeee!! I can’t wait for your postsststststs!! This intro tells a lot about you, to be honest. (Contrary to what you’ll say ofc) I love that self portrait 😂😂 And I’m waiting for you to brag, Ceres.
    Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere!!!❤😊

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    1. Ahaha… it wierd that I do kinda look like that….just much more…..messier….yeah, that’s me all right😂…I’ll take that as a compliment to my finger-stroke-making skills😎 (totally made that up)…thank you!

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  2. I love the self portait.

    Honestly, everyone is an artist compared to me. When I try to draw a cat it ends up looking like a devil if that’s even possible!

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  3. EEEEEKKKKK!! I’m so excited to see more of ur posts! Welcome to the blogosphere! I just started blogging last month and everyone is super welcoming and nice and AWESOME!
    Ur self portrait is actually really good, if I tried to draw one no one would even be able to decipher it, my drawing skills are definitely not top notch ;)) I wish u could send u some rain, We’ve been having way to much and I’m getting tired of it! Can’t wait for summer xD The Winter feels are AMAZE. Enjoyed this post immensely! 💕

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    1. awwww…..tank you soo much jasmin😁
      i really cant stop smiling after reading this!
      wow…iwish you could send us some rain too! although it has gotten quite chilly out….
      the self portrait though😂….i’d rather not talk about that, actually!
      thank you for this!!

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    Okay but I’m actually hyped to see where you take this blog in 2020. You have such a bold personality I love ittt! Aha one time I was in UAE after spending years in Canada and when it rained they got SO happy. I was like bruh this happens everyday where I live but I guess I never appreciated the blessing until I experienced hardly any rain for a year. So ah that’s awesome! But I want to know more about you so you better make a facts about me post. Oh wait there’s a versatile award I need to do and I’m so tagging you for it now!! Mwahah 7 facts about you are on their way.

    Anywho, welcome to the blogosphere! 💞 All the besttt.

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    1. Taank u so much, ahhh I feel so warmed up now😅 Rain…I miss it already😭
      Noooo dont do this to me bayance I just got over my anxiety of writing stuff bout myself😂
      But in all honesty taank you so much for being the awesome person that you are!!😄

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