Where am I even going with this….

Dear readers,

So if you haven’t noticed already, this blog has been dry for M.O.N.T.H.S.


Don’t get it wrong though, I have tried making a few posts since December, with one hand typing and the other hovering over ze delete button.

And now, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there is a new addition to the list of things I have no clue about: what to do with this blog.

Ya see, what I write about will inadvertently be the image I create of myself in the minds of these insanely awesome bloggers who I look up to so much……..

So I’ve got to be true to what I like to do in reality.

One problem, though…….I’m pretty much clueless about that, too.


Well, I ended up making a list of things I could or couldn’t write about, so yeah, this is it:




  1. BOOKS: I LOVE books, like many other random people out there, but  I definitely CANNOT  write nothin’ about them because A. i haven’t read properly in years, and B., I’m still figuring out my tastes ( I’m on a biography trail right now, which is so strange, I’m usually not too good with non-fiction) I started Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama this week, and aaahh, its soo good, and so mind-blowing, definitely not what i thought it would be like.
  2. SCHOOL: Some call it a hellhole, others a disgrace to humanity, few consider it as a harmless obstacle. I will definitely write about that place, although I personally don’t think school is that bad…..or is it? find out next time(or maybe the time after that) on this blog-thing!
  3. INCONSISTENT OBSESSIONS: Its the truth, there’s a different one every week. for a while it was learning ASL, then it was classical music, handball, origami, Fermet’s theorem, and finally, its card tricks right now. hopefully, its still the obsession when I’m done with this write-up-post-thing.
  4. ZE ENVIRONMENT: Frankly, I’m not any better than half the population of the world in this environmentalism aspect, but like you, the random people out there, i think we should do something too. yeah, we may not set a fire, but at least we can start the spark in ourselves, and others!(actually, right now, lets pray that the fire ends its destructive rampage and all those plants, wildlife and people stay safe….)
  5. MY TECHNOLOGY FAILS: Yeah, I’d rather not talk about that……
  6. most importantly, F.O.O.D : saying i love food would be an understatement. food is like….the way into my heart, y’all. It speaks to me (weird, i know) good food creates this emotion in you, and the better the food is the stronger and more intense that emotion(although i am yet to be reduced to tears after a good dinner)



soooo yeah, that’s kinda it…. funny, the list didn’t help at all, but hey, at least i get A for effort right? right?


but in all honesty, I think I’m all set to REALLY start using this space to the maximum, and REALLY meeting all of your expectations….


so yeah…


wish me luck!!

8 thoughts on “Where am I even going with this….

  1. Hmm I do think this is an irony? Clueless Ceres showing off her cluelessness except she’s no longer going to be clueless. Wait.. you didn’t tell me you’re reading biographies! After this book, maybe you should try ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama.. just you know, to keep the trail together😉
    You don’t need luck. You’re a natural.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aahh Dodo…what would I do without you😂
      yeah, i got bored and read one of my untouched books, it was like short stories from the life of this motivational speaker and suddenly i was reading lots of em….
      oohhh….i did come across that one….Michelle Obama’s sooo cool and Barack Obama’s book really makes you wonder what her life was like………
      fermat…..cool guy tho😏

      bout that luck thing tho…
      well…..well well well…..

      3 words, dodo:



  2. Girl idk what you’re saying – you sound so interesting!
    And I’ll let you into a little secret…when I started blogging, I wasn’t much of a reader too, like I loved books but I was in that awkward stage of kids books to YA & I read but not a lot (sound familiar?!) but I decided I wanted to be a book blogger (we did blogging for a lil’ school project) & here I am! Yeah, my first posts are absolutely terrible (you’ve started so much better than me 😅) but it’s the ~JoURnEy~
    Anyway, best advice is to just start because you’ll soon get a million times better! 💕
    ALSO PLEASE LET ME GIVE YOU BOOK RECS! Like tell me what books or genres you enjoyed in the past 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. El….serious question:
      How…HOW are u so nice😄
      Aahhh…that really makes me feel so much better…and yes I’d love get book recs from the master herself😅
      (Still haven’t gotten over the fact that you read 97 books this year)
      Ooohhh…it’s hard to pick a fav genre….
      I used to read a lot o fantasy…
      And then it became science fiction….
      And then crime thrillers….
      Then historical fiction….
      Back to science fiction….
      I think I wanna try poem collections or like, prose now😂 weird, I know …
      I feel like I enjoy historical fiction and classics the most….😁
      So yeah….
      eee😊tanks for making ma day a whole lot better

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, I know, I’m just too amazing, bow down to the Queen y’all 👸😂
        Okkkkkkkk having loads of genres you like is fine, perfectly natural. Poetry isn’t really my forte but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Graffiti by Savannah Brown 🙂
        For historical fiction you HAVE to read code name verity by Elizabeth E. Wein – it’s so good!
        For classics, I haven’t read a lot that I like but I really enjoyed northanger abbey by Jane Austen – idk if you’ve read any Jane Austen before but Northanger’s meant to be her best book to start on apparently (I haven’t read any others yet though so I can’t confirm this 😂)
        Anyway, hope you like some of those 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. * spent 5 minutes trying to look up a bowing emoji and finally gave up*😂
    But ahhh….El…
    I’ll definitely check these out….
    Oh…and I have read a few Jane Austen books…emma was really good, and you know, her iconic ones (pride and prejudice, etc etc…) but i haven’t read northanger abbey tho i always wanted…i guess this year will find me taking more time for a few good reads😁
    Taank you soo much, el…and yes, u da queen gurl😂



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