Soooo heey internet family!!


I’ve just realized something…

Writing humongous posts with lots of love is really fun and amazing…

But for someone as lazy as me, (i.e. barely gets out of bed in the morning, sleeps through the first half of the day, skips writing assignments unless absolutely necessary, does math in her head cus writing is too much work etc. etc….) it’s not the best course of action.


Don’t get me wrong, I love to write, but if I spend too much time formulation post ideas, it’s never gonna happen folks.

So here’s to shorter, sweeter, blog posts!!!




Iiiiiin other news,


JANUARY has been eating my head.


It has been one busy month for a number of reasons:

  1. My cousin got married
  2. Id to fly down to India to attend the wedding
  3. I attended 3 days of class this month ( goodbye marks😭)
  4. The school felt it necessary (for who knows what reason) for me to attend a whole slew of workshops and exhibitions and stuff… heck, my physics finals are tomorrow, and they want me to attend another something right after the exam (please kill me🙂)
  5. We had to host the senior farewell this year, and dealing with that drama was frustrating(albeit amusing too😉)(more about that later)

So yeah, the blog and catching up with ma favorite internet community drifted out of my head long before I realized…



But hey, I’ll be done with my finals in two weeks’ time, so yaay more time, rite? Rite?😯




12th grade bridge classes start in March.


But hey, at least Jan was fun, rite? Rite?


Yes. Absolutely.


18 thoughts on “JANUARY V.S. CERES

        1. GO AHEAD 🙂
          should have copyrighted it when you had the chance, love XD
          you made it two years ago and still haven’t called dibs on it? tsk tsk, you need to up your ownership game XD
          aaahhh but don’t worry, i have no intention of misusing it ( at the moment, that is)

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  1. Congratulations to your cousin!

    It seems like you’ve been having a busy month. Good luck! I get how you feel but look at the brightside, you have all the time in the world (In other words, mess up all you want it’s fine.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had no idea this post came up. Wow. At least the finals aren’t getting the better of you, cuz I haven’t posted in more than a month. Keep up your proton vibes (copyrights, please) though. You’ll remember the wedding but not the physics questions in the years to come. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you!!! 🙂
      aaahhh, I used to loooovvee school, and then I started to haaaate school, but now I’ve realized, hey, just one year left before I leave this place for good, so I’m trying my best to enjoy this time and make awesome memories!!!
      and I think after a bit, you’ll start to realize you love school too…it is a love-hate relationship, after all<3

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