Bio finals coming up…..


But one thing I sure do enjoy is flippin’ through ma biology textbook.

I “inherited” the book from my older sister, who considered it divine and kept it in pristine condition….. not a speck of dust, not a single word within….


I sometimes doubt how she passed bio in the first place.

It’s been with me for a year now……

And let’s just say, it definitely does not look anything like when she first handed it down to this girl😏


For starters, it’s maybe kinda actually missing the front page…..

I only lost it in November okay, it almost lasted 8 months

And the back page….

okay, the back page has been missing since the first week of school

And the spine and a bunch of pages from the beginning and end.


While the first chapter looketh like so….

pls ignore the mermaid in the top right corner ( although it don’t look too bad) and the creepy floating…thing someone drew under it.


The subsequent chapters….not so spotless😁.

aahhhh why am I so proud of my notes?!

At least the notes are super orderly and on post-it’s, rite?

Ha….that practice got too tiresome after a bit.

You’ll notice that once the cell chapters and plant physiology were over and done with….

I took note taking to another level😂


ALSO, there are worse pages, but *ahem* It’s best if ya don’t see them.

(you get a preview of the torn pages in some of the above  pictures unfortunately.)

People have always asked me whether I hate the book so much, but that’s just not it. I LOVE IT!! I love the content, so I need to keep taking notes in class. I love the chapters, so I flip through the book a liiitle too much and…well the spine came off. Seriously, I didn’t mean for it to end up this way😂


But no one can argue that I don’t treasure it, because girl, it’s ma precious and I will protect it with ma life.


Soooooo ……. what dyu think of it? Work of art or wrecked relic? And dyu have a text book akin to this one?

Lemme know, down below!!




  1. aaaa, folded, crumpled, half-destroyed (okay. slighttt exaggeration) books are so sad! 😿 i totally feel you tho- tho not our textbooks, our school tests have been reused by 200 students!! it’s slightly horrifying XD but i live what you did with the notes! i do the exact same thing and post its are like my one true love 💙

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    1. I am sooo sorry I dent get back to replying to this comment quicker, I was in a death match with math and just got out of it today( currently googling how to get over the trauma of a horrible exam🙂)
      Wwoooaaahh really…200!?!? That’s so cool….the lives those tests have lived…the history behind each page ……

      Aahh yusss what would we do without post its😁


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  2. Oooh love it! We borrow all our textbooks from school so we can’t write on them and we’ll get sued for ripping hahaha. But it looks like you’ve been studying 😉 ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FINALS!

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  3. Omg no writing in school books is great although our science books have no blank space in at all 😒
    I LOVE writing in all my English books – like my poetry book is actually beautiful 😂

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    1. Yeah see adding a touch of you to your school books is da best!!!😁
      It’s sad your science books have no empty spaces….I do not want to think of a book full of words( only applies for school books, any other kinda book filled with words would totally be up my alley I’d say😂)
      Ah yeah you get the strangest thoughts during English….I can see why you’re poetry book would be a masterpiece!


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    1. mwahaha ANOTHER SURVIOVOR????
      haha yeah, I’m living the war right now -__-
      woah really?? we don’t normally have issues during the practicals at our school but who knows, there’s a first time for everything *cringing internally cus I just remembered how I messed up my 11th practicals and will probably do the same thing this year :)*

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        1. sigh, I can almost imagine….
          oh, because we’re foreign board, our examiners are ALWAYS friends of our teachers so hehe them joking around in the background naturally puts everyone at ease….although i wouldn’t know 😉
          aaah the discrepancies of the boards, expect the unexpected, as the saying goes XD
          nopity nope. I mean, I’m through with the 10th grade ones, gonna write the 12th this year. yeah. and I’m gonna pass. yeah.yeah.


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