Well this was definitely a….MONTH…. although some might question that statement because it definitely feels like a year has passed…..

But more importantly, I’M unOFFICIALLY A SENIOR!!!!!(I mean results are not out yet, and a certain teacher did mention, jokingly I hope, that I’d failed physics, but ummm… seniority is a MOST probable outcome)(Maybe)(Hopefully)(Don’t do this to me physics, I’ve loved you with all my heart, please spare me this pain)(gah, Its taking a lot of effort not to message my teacher and confirm whether she was joking or not…..)(Calm down Ceres, you know you’ve passed)(Okay….breathee)

So where were we?

Ah yes. Final.year.of.school.


How did I even make it this far? Actually you know what, let’s not try to recall the journey, some horrors are best forgotten.( why are weird memories suddenly popping up….oh god not the chili mayo episode, brain please stop)(please don’t ask me to elaborate, it involved a whole lot of mayo, accidents and leaky noses)

But yeah, Feb has been AWESOME!!!

In the first week we held the annual senior farewell for the outgoing seniors, which was so.much.fun.


It was the first major school event that was left completely in our hands and we had a blast!! There were skirmishes and pitfalls, but we got through it and luckily everyone is in one piece!!!(As long as sanity and peace of mind don’t count as a part of us)🙃

And then right after……



Yup. Can’t say I aced them. Usually I CAN say, or at least predict a few right, but this time, no clue.

My math teacher did give me some good news though, although that exam went hmm hmm, after she gave me my marks, I feel I did pretty good. Yaaaay!!(The calm before the storm)

Can’t wait to know if I passed physics! (Literally, I mean my hand is itching towards the phone to ask my teacher as I speak  write? Yeah, that’s the word)

So onward!!! Ima tackle 12th grade with all I’ve got!!!


So my art teacher and I had to attend a workshop (which was conducted by the child friendly city initiative by UNICEF in Sharjah that was soooo cooool)(More about that later) as the happiness ambassadors from my school, and she mentioned that it was sad how I used to draw so well as a kid but how I don’t anymore cus I stopped practicing…..

And it hit me right in the heart.


I hadn’t even realized that I’d stopped drawing until she pointed it out ( I mean I do doodle on every page, but yeah..) soo…

I’m gonna work on ma drawing (the traditional way, digital art is definitely not for me, technology and me DON’T get along) (also it’s quite bad right now but I know it’ll improve)( that wierd sketch on top Mark’s the beginning) and so I’ll try to…. I guess document my progress on the blog? I dunno, let’s see where this goes.

But I think thas a wrap, Folks. Here’s to another beautiful month and a beautiful time ahead!!



5 thoughts on “~FABULOUS FEBRUARY~

    1. El I missed you soo so much!!!! for real!!!!
      (this is the post exam exhilaration speaking, please ignore the excess of emotions pouring out)
      hehe I’m actually not good at, like, sitting for hours on an art project…but like doing simple doodles or line-art is totally fine!:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I literally can’t doodle! Like I find it so hard to just draw anything? I’m so much better when I have a school project or something where I have a brief to draw to 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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