This Fam and Hospitals

There’s an established truth about my family: we don’t do hospitals. Unless we find ourselves in a situation where it’s a choice between a hospital visit and death, we tend to steer clear of the hospice. In fact, a whole system of remedies and “treatments” have replaced the need to visit the doctor’s office-Flu? Lots of bed rest. Cold? Run around the park a few times, you’ll be perfectly alright. Stomach cramps? Lots of soup and liquid food. An actual frickin disease? Maybe we should ask your sister for some advice… (She’s only a medical student, but my parents treat her like the family doctor). There’s a solution right at home for every common malady.

Let’s talk about my sister.


She was one of us hospital haters, you know, long ago…before she crossed over from our side to the “paper cut? Emergency room, here I come” side. But I really don’t blame her. There’s a number of reasons for her traitorous act:

  1. As medical students, they get free outpatient treatment around the clock.
  2. They are directly sent to the emergency room and don’t have to wait around to get checked out, even if it’s just a cold.
  3. Most of their professors give free consultations during the class( sometimes even when they don’t need it)

This one time, she said a professor was teaching a class and suddenly asked a random kid to take some common cold medicine, and everyone just went like whaaaa… he don’t even have any symptoms?!? And the kid forgot about it, and yeah, next day, he had a cold.



Kinda creepy though.


The actual only doctor I’ve visited frequently when I was younger was the dentist.

(ugh terrrrrrrrrrrible memories)😖

Given my insatiable love for food, I did have a pretty hefty file at the dentists, which I am so not proud of.

If you were at any time in need of reviews of the dentists in Sharjah, I’m your search engine, because I can guarantee I’ve visited more than half of them.😂

My personal vendetta for hospitals was the result of my dad’s carelessness. My mom had to have a checkup while she was pregnant with my lil’ brother and my dad was left in charge of me and my sister in the hospital lobby (you can already see where this is going). Anyway, he was really tired and started to nod was in this half asleep state that he gave me the permission to look around, a decision he absolutely does not remember and definitely still regrets today. Long story short, mom came back, little Ceres missing, search party running, found me in the arms of a super friendly doc, happily munching on candy. They missed the tears and the screaming for mom part.

I guess you could call it a Desi thing, but we are OBSESSED with doctors. Every parent dreams of the day their child ends up as a doctor, and every child knows to say “doctor” every time someone asks them what they want to be in the future. It’s frustrating when every random person out there questions your future plans if it doesn’t involve being a doctor. And no, not even the most upscale households are free of the pull of the medical profession. Poor and rich alike share the doctoral obsession.

I’m not gonna lie, my parents too were pretty caught up in this mess. When my sister announced she wanted to be a doctor, they were more than elated. Once that grueling year of entrance exams and admission procedures was behind them, they decided that by no means would they choose to go through THAT again, rescuing both me and my brother from the tidal wave that most Indian youth have been swept away in. woohoo!!


The new virus making the rounds is making all of us leap into action.  As I had mentioned before, bridge classes were supposed to start around now (on 8th, actually), but all school have been shut off because a student from one of the biggest schools in the country just tested positive for corona virus.


Obviously, the hitherto unconcerned parent population immediately swung into action. Within a day, every store was clean out of face masks, sanitizers, hand wash- you name it, if it’s rumored to help in prevention of the virus, it’s gone without a trace (we discovered this first hand when me and my mom went shopping and decided to restock on some of these things, but were informed, in multiple stores, that all those articles were sold out).final exams have been canceled in most schools( to the joy of the likes of my brother), bridge classes have been called off (I’m positive they’re gonna take revenge and do away with our summer vacation) and students and parents alike have been requested to submit travel declarations( given a travel history to any of the areas with a high density of affected patients). As you can tell, the panic is justified.

But in all due honesty, we really need to calm down and take a breather. Precautions are necessary, but not the fear that accompanies. Caution is a necessity, but not the panic that follows. Vigilance is imperative, but not the distrust it leads to. Battles are won with unity and integrity, and this is not your ordinary battle. This is world war- a world war on the virus that seeks to divide us.

A war that we WILL win, standing together.




Aaaaand there’s today’s random sketch…..

Okie byeee!!!💛

4 thoughts on “This Fam and Hospitals

    1. Dodo, you are one of the ony people I know who can survive any school you end up choosing 😂
      haha me? philosophy? nah dude, this is just like those random thoughts I have in the shower lol😂😜


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