An introduction to the best thing on the internet ft. Webtoon recs

Hey people😁!!! How ya doin’, how’s life!?!



In the winter of last year, I decided that I’d stop reading webtoons. Not that I wasn’t enjoying them, or that it was getting too hard to play catch up every other day. There was just one reason:


If you are familiar with the life of the average Asian high schooler, then you must know that addictions are something that definitely cannot be accommodated, given the already tight schedules we are bound to have. So I deleted the app and bid farewell to those wonderful storylines, and frustrating cliffhangers, and the oh so beautiful art.

Yeah, that lasted two months.😅

Hehe, way to go, self-control!

So since I do spend a heck load of time on it, I thought hey, let’s talk about the wonderful world of webtoons!💛

In simple words, webtoons are just digital comics- online graphic novels or comics and they are sooooo good…. There are hundreds of webtoons across a wide range of genres and it is the absolute best. Each webtoon is created by an individual or company and is available either for free on a weekly basis (one episode per week) or paid after the first few episodes. Regardless, a lot of the content is free of cost, so I would highly recommend that you go CHECK.IT.OUT. Because YOU.WILL.BE.MINDBLOWN.🤯

And obviously, I do have  my own list of favorites, although I don’t really like the popular ones( I dunno…. I always felt like those were just veeery cliché, feel free to try them out though) and here are some of my recommendations if you do decide to check out this platform, or if you’re already a…..webtoon-er?( is that a thing??) make sure to try them, you will not be disappointed.


source: pinterest

 Han Kyoung Chal

Okay this is definitely my all-time fav webtoon….it’s just so heartwarming and beautiful, AND it updates twice a week (heaven).

It’s basically about a teenage girl named Amy Song who, like most other girls out there, deals with severe insecurity and discomfort with being herself. One day, she came across a weird, quirky croquis club, and her life changes forever. (Croquis is drawing a live model in a few minutes)  It’s the story of her journey- as she learns to accept herself and others around her for the way they are and learns to face the world with her head held up high.

I cannot stress just how much I love this one. It checks all the boxes: beautiful plot? Check. Beautiful art? Check. Beautiful characters? Double check.

Also *spoilers ahead* I looove every single member of spirit fingers, they’re such amazing people, and I love love love the character development of both …………… and her brother. This is just soo good, it’s surprising that not many people actually read it. But seriously, I LOVE this one.

And yusssss *I’m sorry, this is another spoiler* way to go BABL, Jessica had that slap coming from miles away!!! * Okay end of spoilers*

But it’s truly a-maaazing, the art is to die for, and the storyline is so so so cute!!!!

FAVOURITE THING: Pooper (SUCH a complex character)

LEAST FAVOURITE THING: the fact that everyone is with everyone (but no one is lol) (totally copied that off someone’s comment)


source: webtoons


So this was at the top initially, but spirit fingers was just too good.

Although this is a really good webtoon, I would definitely NOT recommend it for new readers, since it is veery confusing and quite hard to follow. It still had a beautiful story, and it looks like its ending on such a beautiful note.

Seol Hong is a university student who is struggling to get through college on a meagre income. When a rich, super nice and good looking senior, who definitely hates her and whom she definitely hates suddenly starts acting nice to her, it comes as no wonder that she is wary of the attention and yearns to figure out his true intentions. Yes, the plot seems like any other plot out there, but the way the story progresses will make you change your mind. It’s a story that deals with human misconceptions, and how far the experiences in our childhood really mould us as a person, for better or worse.

This is so heart breaking, because * here come the spoilers* Seol keeps looking for Jung’s motive when all along he just wanted to get to know her (and happened to love her in the end) but I love how it ended, I admit I was scared for the last few episodes, but yes, they’re still together, trying to help each other.

But all things aside, what I absolutely love in cheese in the trap is * second round of spoilers*(I know it’s creepy) figuring out if Jung is actually a psychopath. That was literally the main reason I enjoyed it. (Also I do believe that his psychological issues came about as a result of his father’s watchful eye that was trying to prevent the onset of the very symptoms it lead to)(Don’t worry, I didn’t understand what I wrote there either)

So even if you don’t like the rom genre (like me) this is perfect for a study of psychology (way to go, Ceres, make yourself seem creepier)

FAVOURITE THING: the creepy parts where Jung is pissed.

LEAST FAVOURITE THING: Whenever Seol pushes Jung away without hearing him out time and time again… it’s annoyingly sad…☹


source: webtoons

Lee Jong-beom

This is amaaazing guys, again from a psychological aspect (hehe me and psychology).

We are introduced to Seong-Ah Yoon who is a psychology student at a uni I absolutely do NOT remember the name of ( I looked it up, its Yong-Gang university) who also works at the student Counseling Centre ( because, ya know, she REALLY wants to learn psychology). One day a new professor is put in charge of the Counselling Centre, aaaand the story takes off!!!

So this professor is popularly known as Dr. Frost (courtesy of his snow white hair) and is, in simple terms, a GENIUS. Although his concept of people may be……questionable…….to some (I actually kinda think it makes a little sense) his skills are without a doubt INSANE. There’s only one teeeeeny tiiiiiiiiiny problem: find out, when you read the comic.



Okay,*spoiler*its that he don’t have no emotions. Boom.🤯

Well he does have *spooooiiiiiler* a few, but he can’t feel things like sadness, or affection or joy, ya know. Sad life. Oh, and since were giving away spoilers, the dog is a-dooorable!!!


LEAST FAVOURITE THING: the fact that it ended after just one season, there was DEFINITELY scope for a lot more!!


source: webtoons


This is NOT your average fairy tale, and that’s what makes it so heartwarming.

We have the pastel kingdom, ruled by the pastel king, who has 3 daughters and 1 son (yeah, in the beginning it’s kinda hard to make out that one of them is a guy) and each of them is special in their own way (sounds pretty cliché, eh?). Well our protagonist extraordinaire is Gwen, the youngest daughter, who doesn’t really look like your average princess (in fact she’s frequently mistaken for a witch, the poor girl). Her hands work magic (not literally) in the oven or with a loom, and her AWESOME family (who have their priorities right) know her as the most beautiful of the bunch. Tell that to the plaid princes the three girls were spontaneously engaged to.

Whoops. Did I give off too much? (Ha, I tolja it wouldn’t be cliché)

This is the story of how Gwen learns what true beauty (lol webtooners would get the pun) is. The awesome way.

FAVOURITE THING: the wierdosity!!! I crack up every.single.time. Also the very well hidden inside jokes.

LEAST FAVOURITE THING: hmmmmm…..I dunno……its perfect.


source: pinterest

Robyn Hamada’s

(Where the foodies at?!?!!)

This is…a…food-lovers…dream. We have Lucy Fuji, with an uncanny sense of smell and taste (basically a frickin’ superpower) who is hit by a real life nightmare: the food at her favourite restaurant no longer tastes the same (oh, the horror). It wouldn’t affect most, but it definitely affects her: all her amazing memories in an otherwise bleak childhood were tied to THAT taste and THAT restaurant. So she does the obvious: she makes it her life’s mission to find the chef that made her childhood beautiful. Just like the others, it’s a journey of self-discovery, where she learns what her true desires are and ultimately, reaches (hopefully) a happily ever after.

*spoiler* its ending. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo how will I live?!!!?!?!!??

Also I A-DOOORE how the author likes to write a postscript at the end of every chapter about one of the foods in the episode, it is heaven for the likes of meee!!!

FAVOURITE THING: hands down, the food. Also Brie.💛

LEAST FAVOURITE THING: ooooofff….maybe the fact that somewhere along the way the focus of the comic shifted from food to drama… but frankly that’s not a bad thing.


So these didn’t make it into top 5 but they are still favourites, we can’t overlook that:

  • Devil no.4 (eeeee its going through so many plot twists right now!)
  • I Love Yoo (don’t know bout you, but I definitely love Yoo💛)
  • Let’s play (character developments…I fall for any series that promises this)
  • The Gamer (I literally juuuust started it)
  • The witch and the bull, etc. etc. (sowy, I really can’t keep track of my favourites!!)


~honorary mention~

I just caught up with this series called NO SCOPE and it is a-maaaaazing!!!!  I absolutely love it, and the best part is that they explain all of the gamer jargon without interrupting the story itself (which is so so handy, both my siblings are gaming fanatics, so now I can finally understand the stuff my brother overexcitedly spews out at the rate of 25 words per second) and it’s an adorable story, honestly I thought ******* would be the main antagonist but nope so far he’s an amazing and caring friend!!!


okie then, what’re YOUR fav webtoons? What dyu think I should try? Or if you haven’t already, are you gonna check out this platform????

Lemme know, down below!!💛

7 thoughts on “An introduction to the best thing on the internet ft. Webtoon recs

  1. i was literally thinking the other day that i wanted to get more into webtoons, so this post came at the perfect time! :)) also YES. people with willpower don’t know how lucky they are, cuz’ that’s not me at all! like you said abt deleting the app, it’s super easy to get addicted to something.. both a blessing *and* a curse.

    i’ve never heard of croquis! it seems rly interesting though, so i’ll have to check out spirit fingers!! cheese in the trap also seems pretty complex- brain usage yaay xD! no, it’s not creepy! psychology is actually pretty interesting and i think learning about an individual’s mind processes, in this case jung, is super interesting in terms of using it to look at the rest of the world. almost like a model for humanity! (except maybe with people who *aren’t* pyschopaths xD) also, GOURMET! HOUND! IS *SO* GOOD! i have a recommendation for you- days of hana! heads up, it gets quite heavy and there’s a bit of blood towards the end, but the story was such a t r i p and sososo beautiful!! this comment got a bit long (oops!) but i really do have to check these out! i’ll let you know for sure when i read one! :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right!!!!😂 deep respect for everyone who can handle going cold turkey😂
      Yuss spirit fingers is💛💛lol brain usage😂
      Ooohhh I was SO looking for a new one to binge taank you so much, love!!
      Aaaah…don’t worry vi (can I call you that?it’s so cute!!), I do enjoy a good, long (and amazing😉) comment!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. AHHHH, I’m obsessed with Webtoons!!!! Some mornings, the first thing I will do is read one! I Love Yoo and Cheese in the Trap are also some of my favorites. I will check the other ones out because I’m always looking for new ones to read. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Where Tangles Meet or The Four of Them but, those are also pretty great. Always great to meet a fellow Webtoon reader;)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I relate dude😂
      yuss I love yoo is awesome (you might hate me for saying this but I’m on the Qtip ship😂 how bout you??😊)
      oooh I’ve read where tangents meet…and I did enjoy it, but I never got around to finishing it (I dont even remember why😅). I’ll definitely try the four of them!
      eeee thank you so much for reading!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahah no same, I’m also on team Qtip!! Yeong-Gi is sweet and nice and I used to ship it but Q-Tip and Shin-ae are goals💕
        Tangled Meet is super sweet and I hope you get around to finishing it. I’ve also recently started reading Age Matters and True Beauty. Have you read either?

        Liked by 1 person

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