I started writing this a month back……… every time I’d made a draft I would instantly cross it out…..because there’s no way to say all this.Let’s just say,

The new academic year is here, but the whole class will be missing something. Or rather, someone.

Muffin- that’s what we’ll call her.

She was, undoubtedly, a very special person. The name resonated through the hallways long before we actually met. But her fame was never akin to the holler of the high school aristocrat: it was the soft melody of a person recognized as both likable and fun. She is a marriage of those two words: there is no better way to describe her. Yes, we grew up in the same little school, but we hardly knew each other. Of course I’d heard of muffin: the dancer, the sapphire house savior (she’s the only one among us who can actually run), the all-round cool kid. (MUFFIN RULES!!!)🥳

But this is the story of our friendship.

9th grade- the school management decided to switch up the classes, their main motive being to break off friend circles  prior to the approaching board examinations(cruel, I know)(also that was real dumb, bcos the actual year of the exam they just stuck us all back together…..what even was the point?).Drumstick (I can’t use her real name at the moment) and me were put in classes faaaar away, and fate put her in muffin’s class. She adooooored muffin from day 1: such a hilarious being would be hard to find (definitely not in her own words). Come 10th grade, the first year with me in muffin’s class. You would think we would hit it off so well, there would be no turning back.

Yeaaaaaahhh, we were more or less strangers for a year.😅


And then came 11th grade.

Drumstick left.

Muffins gang went down the commerce road.

And we ended up in science.😶

Somehow we became partners.😶

Forced to sit in hard plastic chairs for 6 hours a day.😶

Stuck at the front of a classroom meant for 20, accommodating 30 (the fact that ours is the biggest batch in school history can be both a boon and a curse)😶

Facing a blank wall.😶

Off to a good start, eh?😂

Fastforward 1 year.

Actually no. let’s skip to the important parts instead.

The Student Council elections that I failed MASSIVELY…….maybe you don’t remember, muffin, but I do: the first day of misery (lol XD), you just went along with my happy act (although the tears were clearly visible and flowing) thank you for letting me win that day. Muffin, you never brought up the fact that I skipped an important event. You don’t know how much that means for someone who was constantly bombarded with questions about it.

Annual day……omigosh YOU WERE FLYING!!!!! YOU WERE EVERYWHERE! Part of the play, and the 11th graders dance, yet coaching ALL the other dances from GRADE 5 TO 9?!?!?!? 🤯Gurl, you were ON FIRE!!!It was a spectacle for the rest of us! Fabulous acting, breath-taking dancing (seriously- after seeing her solo before the class performance, every parent and every teacher was just SHOOK….it was just so emotional and mesmerizing!!). aaaaahhhhhh……remember those good ol’ days!!1😂🤣

I forgot that teacher’s day came in between……..oh lol that was……A DAY. Yeah. Maaaaan, it was fun though!!! And if I remember right, this was around the time we graduated from accomplices to friends ;)😂😂

And then came…..OMIGOSH MUN!!!!! Bwahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Seriously, our first MUN was the biggest (albeit funnest) FAIL. The one WE conducted at school was bomb though, I heard you were an awesome Chair (god the memories lol🤣). I love how you decided then and there that your first MUN will be your LAST MUN. oooof remember that talk we had in that loooooong bus ride after XD 🤣🤣(Ima just spend this whole post laughing) lol, our convo was just so random?!!?!?

Farewell……….your brainchild. I honestly wish you were as dedicated in school as you were in farewell planning🤦‍♀️. Hands down, without you, the seniors would be chasing us with pitchforks and an accusation of ruining their legacy!!Yes, yu da bawse.🥳

Unlikely comrades, I would say. Yet right now, I owe you so much.🙂

I always acted like I would be perfectly fine with drumstick leaving, yet after the first few months, I realized that the pain cuts real real deep. Thank you for taking some of that pain away. And for always standing up for us when we were too scared to do it ourselves. And for teaching us noobs the basics of dancing. And for protecting our precious house from consecutive failure (seriously, we’re grateful). And for being the BEST SPORTS CAPTAIN you could be. And for filling our seniors hearts with blissful happiness. Thank you for making my life a bittle better. No wait, a lottle better!!


Here’s a toast to the memories behind us.

And cheers to fresh beginnings for the both of us!

Heyyy muffin!!!!!

You must be thinking, wth is wrong with Ceres, is she actually being n-nice??!

Well thank you for the concern, but I’m perfectly alright.


Nah, jk dude.

In all honesty, we’ll miss you lots, and we all love you lots!! So good luck, for the future that awaits!!


Metanoia 2020

15 thoughts on “GOODBYE, AND GOOD LUCK!!

  1. Beautiful post,great mixture of honesty and humor:) The beginning was the best when you were describing Muffin😂I love the dresses at the end as well!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    I never expected this..goshh am speechless..that was written sooo well..muffin must be beautiful inside and out🤪..
    Thankyouu soooo means a. Lot broo😭😭

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aaah man seriously, I wanted to post this right after the finals but never got a chance….
      (it’s a miracle!)
      Yeah yeah muffin is great ( I absolutely regret not mentioning your bad qualities)
      No, you mean a lot.
      (Scuse the cheese)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is like the sweetest thing eva?(and dry I saw this so lateeee)😭😭 I’m dying😭😭😭😭😭
    Omg Muffinnnnnnnn noooooooo don’t break ceres heart like that idjit Drumstick😭😭
    I actually felt like I was observing you throughout the year. That’s amazing!!!!! So sweet of you to give such a lovely dedication. And both of you look gorgeous damn❤

    Liked by 1 person

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