Liebster Award…..wait, what?!!?

Eeeeeeee....I got nominated!!!!!   I was so happy that day, thank you so so much El!!! yu da best(everyone knows that) and you've been so so so welcoming to this noob, taaank you for everything!!! 💛 also you had such a-maazing questions, but me being me, I just wanted to answer everything with "YES"😉  … Continue reading Liebster Award…..wait, what?!!?


Well this was definitely a….MONTH…. although some might question that statement because it definitely feels like a year has passed….. But more importantly, I’M unOFFICIALLY A SENIOR!!!!!(I mean results are not out yet, and a certain teacher did mention, jokingly I hope, that I’d failed physics, but ummm… seniority is a MOST probable outcome)(Maybe)(Hopefully)(Don’t do… Continue reading ~FABULOUS FEBRUARY~