Hello Internet People!!

Let me be honest… I am just someone who is absolutely clueless as to how life is done but hey, you never know unless you try, right?

so I guess I’ve started a blog ( although someone else had a big hand in this….but that’s a story for another time) and hopefully, I’ll find this space to be the perfect way for me to preview the nonsense in my head before spouting it out in real life…

anyways, I hope I enjoy this journey……and I sure hope you’ll be with me throughout!!

    I started writing this a month back……… every time I’d made a draft I would instantly cross it out…..because there’s no way to say all this.Let’s just say, The new academic year is here, but the whole class will be missing something. Or rather, someone. Muffin- that’s what we’ll call her. She was, undoubtedly, a very special … Continue reading CLUELESS FOR LIFE Read more
  • An introduction to the best thing on the internet ft. Webtoon recs
    Hey people😁!!! How ya doin’, how’s life!?! 💛   In the winter of last year, I decided that I’d stop reading webtoons. Not that I wasn’t enjoying them, or that it was getting too hard to play catch up every other day. There was just one reason: THEY’RE WAY.TOO.GOOD. If you are familiar with the life of … Continue reading CLUELESS FOR LIFE Read more
  • This Fam and Hospitals
    There’s an established truth about my family: we don’t do hospitals. Unless we find ourselves in a situation where it’s a choice between a hospital visit and death, we tend to steer clear of the hospice. In fact, a whole system of remedies and “treatments” have replaced the need to visit the doctor’s office-Flu? Lots of bed … Continue reading CLUELESS FOR LIFE Read more
  • Liebster Award…..wait, what?!!?
    Eeeeeeee….I got nominated!!!!!   I was so happy that day, thank you so so much El!!! yu da best(everyone knows that) and you’ve been so so so welcoming to this noob, taaank you for everything!!! 💛 also you had such a-maazing questions, but me being me, I just wanted to answer everything with “YES”😉   RULES: Thank … Continue reading CLUELESS FOR LIFE Read more
    Well this was definitely a….MONTH…. although some might question that statement because it definitely feels like a year has passed….. But more importantly, I’M unOFFICIALLY A SENIOR!!!!!(I mean results are not out yet, and a certain teacher did mention, jokingly I hope, that I’d failed physics, but ummm… seniority is a MOST probable outcome)(Maybe)(Hopefully)(Don’t do this to … Continue reading CLUELESS FOR LIFE Read more
    Bio finals coming up….. 😶 But one thing I sure do enjoy is flippin’ through ma biology textbook. I “inherited” the book from my older sister, who considered it divine and kept it in pristine condition….. not a speck of dust, not a single word within….   I sometimes doubt how she passed bio in the first … Continue reading CLUELESS FOR LIFE Read more
    Soooo heey internet family!! 😁 I’ve just realized something… Writing humongous posts with lots of love is really fun and amazing… But for someone as lazy as me, (i.e. barely gets out of bed in the morning, sleeps through the first half of the day, skips writing assignments unless absolutely necessary, does math in her head cus … Continue reading CLUELESS FOR LIFE Read more
    Soooo…This year we’ve got this chapter in English bout the last days of this poet from Kashmir…and how he kept his spirits up to the last moment. The author was a good friend of the poet and described the guy as always having a beautiful carnival of celebration around him….he was always a candle that would leave … Continue reading CLUELESS FOR LIFE Read more
  • Where am I even going with this….
    Dear readers, So if you haven’t noticed already, this blog has been dry for M.O.N.T.H.S. Woopsies! Don’t get it wrong though, I have tried making a few posts since December, with one hand typing and the other hovering over ze delete button. And now, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there is a new addition to … Continue reading CLUELESS FOR LIFE Read more
  • Introduction……but not really!
    HeLLo Internet people ! Sooooo…. I’ve got a confession to make: I really hate having to make a formal introduction of myself. yeah, that’s weird, I mean, shouldn’t it be a piece of cake to just talk about yourself? but that’s just it: its too easy. too, too easy. ask me to talk about anything else: i … Continue reading CLUELESS FOR LIFE Read more

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